Barkha Shewakramani


Owner/Founder and Creative Designer

Dubai based Indian designer Barkha Shewakramani has created a name for herself in the local fashion scene with her beautiful show-stopping creations. Her haute couture line, Drama Queen first debuted in 2007 at Dubai Fashion Week, and immediately garnered a following of luxury fashion devotees.

Since the beginning, Shewakramani wanted her collections to be affordable and yet still maintain a high sense of quality and luxury. Now into her fifth year, the designer has preserved her brand’s aesthetic and quality

” From a very young age I was intrigued by the world of fashion, which often led me to cut and stitch the clothes my mom had bought for me.

Fashion has always been a form of art for me; it’s a way of expressing myself through the language of fabrics, embellishments and various silhouettes. I went on to study garment construction at the American University in Dubai and it felt like a natural progression to go on to create my own fashion label.”

“My passion to create new ideas and implementing them in life is what keeps me going.  – All my ideas are unique in their own way.”

Barkha Shewakramani has always been on a quest for beauty and quality products that make women feel strong and beautiful. As a woman of Indian descent, she struggled to find nude lipstick shades that match her skin, and her friends also faced the same problem. 

So in the year 8 Barkha launched the perfect cosmetics brand for women of all skin tones, 

‘Powna Sake’ is the world’s first ever Sake made from Indian rice manufactured in Japan and also the only female owned Sake brand. 

The intention of the web series is to be a source of motivation and to connect people from all around the world with contemporary superstars & artist.

Given the unprecedented crisis that has severely hit the globe, the conversation will touch upon various subjects ranging from inspirational advice to building positive mindsets to candid chatter and the role model’s life journey.